Evolution Wand Rack/Holder

��_��__��_ The EVOLUTION Multi-Purpose Wand Rack is manufactured with black durable ABS plastic that is corrosion resistant

��_��__��_ Comes in a 1.5��_��__��_ version and a 2��_��__��_ version. The 1.5��_��__��_ version is specifically designed to hold the 1.5 EVOLUTION Wand or EVOLUTION Stair Wand. It will also hold most standard stainless steel 1.5��_��__��_ wands and some 1.5��_��__��_ ��_��__��_��__��_��__S��_��__��_ Bend stainless steel wands. The 2��_��__��_ version is designed to hold the 2��_��__��_ EVOLUTION Wand and the 2��_��__��_ Titanium EVOLUTION Wand. It will also hold most standard stainless steel or Titanium 2.0��_��__��_ wands and some 2.0��_��__��_ ��_��__��_��__��_��__S��_��__��_ Bend stainless steel wands

��_��__��_ The auto-secure tensioner ��_��__��_��__��_��__locks��_��__��_ the wand in place so it will not fall out, even when making sudden stops or turning sharp corners

��_��__��_ Can be mounted either to the side of the van or the roof

��_��__��_ Added slot will simultaneously store and hold a carpet grooming tool or rake (van side-mount only)

��_��__��_ 3 additional holes on the rack allow you to use bungee cords/wraps to store other hoses and accessories in place

��_��__��_ Standard kits come with two brackets

��_��__��_ Recommended mounting is directly to the rib of the van

��_��__��_ Two kits can be mounted on one wall to hold multiple wands

1.5��_��__��_ = Part #000-078-945
2��_��__��_ = Part # 000-078-946

Evolution Wand Rack/Holder